1. What is HF Partners?

2. Why become a Forex affiliate?

3. What types of partnership does HotForex offer?

4. How can I register to become a partner of HotForex?

5. How to activate your Partner account?

6. Are there any fees to join HF Partners?

7. Where can I get HotForex banners and how do I display the banners?

8. How does the partner link work?

9. How does the commission structure work?

10. Commissions structure available?

11. Do you provide support to a partner working offline?

12. Can I add my real trading account or my relatives under my partner link?

13. Can I get commissions for the accounts I referred under fund managers?

14. How can I monitor the commissions on my partner account?

15. Does HF Partners offer reporting tools?

16. How can I withdraw my earnings?

17. What is minimum payout amount?

18. When are the partner commissions paid?

19. How can I contact you?

Partner With Us. Refer and Earn

Disclaimer: As an HF Partner you are not permitted to offer investment advice to clients. Please read the Affiliates Agreement Terms and Conditions for more information.