As a HotForex Partner you will benefit from a transparent partnership service that features advanced reporting tools to help you track your traffic and sales.Your Partnership Analytics Centre gives you a complete view of your account via trend reports, transaction history, commissions, payouts, client rebates, sub-affiliates sales statistics, raw unique clicks, referrer urls, etc.

Quick stats

Get a quick overview of what is happening in your Partnership account.

Raw Clicks

Keep track of the clicks from your Partner links.


Check all transactions and commissions registered to you Partnership account.

Sub-Affiliate Statistics

View the level and transaction statistics of your sub-affiliates.

My Payouts

An easy way for you to keep track of your payouts by date and amount.

Channel Statistics

Analyse your results by channel with detailed statistics of what’s working and what’s not.

Sub-Affiliate Tree

Get a clear picture of the tiers of affiliates who are signed up under you.

Statistics Counter

Use this table to view your raw, unique and declined impressions and clicks.

Advanced Charts

Judge how you are performing with a visual representation of your progress over time.

Trends report

Identify trends on your Partnership account and get a clear picture of where it is going.

Partner With Us. Refer and Earn

Disclaimer: As an HF Partner you are not permitted to offer investment advice to clients. Please read the Affiliates Agreement Terms and Conditions for more information.